The Fire
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The Fire

The original West Demerara building was destroyed by an electrical fire on Sunday, April 23rd of 1993, at approximately 2pm.  Ms. Reid joined the school as a secretary on February 2, 1970 and she is currently still with the school.  On Friday, April 21st of 1993, Ms. Reid looked at the registers, a collection of information on the students and teachers from previous years.  After browsing through them, thinking nothing of it, she placed them back on the shelf.  Two days later, the fire destroyed the building and all its contents, which unfortunately included the registers.  This resulted in the loss of information of all the records of students and teachers who had attended or taught at West Demerara previously.

The fire was an emotional occasion.  A crowd of onlookers, some in tears, gathered around the building and watched the historic building's last moments.  The students attending the school were then sent to Malgre-Tout school until December 1999.  After the new building was completed, the students marched from Malgre-Tout to West Demerara one classroom at a time.  According to Ms. Reid, it was a very emotional tribute to the school.


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